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George Coleman Minis commission service is a great way to get your hands on a uniquely painted miniature to your exact specification. Unlike other painting services, this is a personal approach to painting, hands on with the artist.


You'll be along for every step of the way and receive regular updates and photos of the progress, allowing you to provide feedback and revisions at any stage. 

From tabletop painted armies to custom display pieces, you will find what you are looking for.

For any project, no matter how big or small - make your enquiry today!



A Character You'll Be Proud to Display!

  • An incredibly detailed model in a variety of artistic styles

  • Includes a highly detailed base

  • At least three layers of edge highlights 

  • Layered volumes, layered recess shading and black-lining

  • An incredibly detailed face

  • Freehanded Iconography or banners 

  • Special effects (including blood, weathering and plasma glow)

  • Includes all transfers/decals


Get That 'Eavy Metal Look!

 A perfectly replicated box art look using the techniques and colour recipes from Games Workshop's studio

No detail spared using an in depth and methodical painting process that cuts no corners and will impress all when on display.



A Truly One-Of-A-Kind Miniature!

Bring your ideas to life with a bespoke custom model, converted and sculpted to your exact specification. 

Perfect for creating a unique custom character to lead your army on the tabletop! Bring to life your favourite character from lore or modernise a classic sculpt to fit a newer scale and aesthetic.


Stand Out on the Battlefield!

  • Perfect for an army, kill team or character 

  • Includes a detailed base 

  • Single edge highlight and recess shading 

  • Layered volumes and black-lining 

  • A detailed, painted face 

  • Optional application of chapter transfers & decals



Affordable Army Painting!

  • Great for gaming and large armies of troops or hordes

  • Includes a simple base 

  • Single edge highlight and recess shading

  • Fully painted details across the whole miniature

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